Dog bake pawlicious biscuits using salmon and organic free range eggs are amazing for the dogs. Made with 100% organic all natural ingredients, no fillers,artificial flavors, preservatives, salt, sugar, wheat, soy, grains, antibiotics, growth hormes, GMO or anything gross. Made at a human grade facility with highest cleanliness and sanitization standards.

It has lot of benefits as its great source for omega -3, helps in support of immune system, acts as anti-inflammatory, and is great source of protein along with keeping your dog coat healthy and shiny.


Ingredients – Organic Salmon, organic oats flour, organic virgin coconut oil, organic free-range eggs, organic citrus fruits, organic sunflower seeds, organic flax seeds.

Meat Delights - Salmon Organic Free range Eggs


Feed as a treat, training aid or reward as part of healthy diet. Break into smaller pieces for small dogs. Remember to always keep fresh and clean drinking water available for your pet.