Dog bake beef jerky treat is most popular among our furry friends. Its slow cooked and air dried to give the perfect taste and I know it takes time but we belive in providing the best product to your doggo. Made with 100% organic all natural ingredients, no fillers,artificial  flavors, preservatives, salt, sugar, wheat, soy, grains, antibiotics, growth hormes, GMO or anything gross. Made at a human grade facility with highest cleanliness and sanitization standards.


Beef liver has 100 times more nutritional value than any other meat. Liver jerky treat will provide your dog with proteins, fat, vitamin A, B, iron, copper, niacin, zinc, omega 3,6 and phosphorus. All this amazing health benefits helps our furry babies to have a healthy life.


Ingredients – Organic beef liver, organic citrus fruits, vitamin E

Beef Liver Jerky Chips


Feed as a treat, training aid or reward as part of healthy diet. Break into smaller pieces for small dogs. Remember to always keep fresh and clean drinking water available for your pet.