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            Dog Bake was founded by dog lovers and we’ll never judge you for loving your fur babies. We won’t criticize/question you for posting picture after picture of Chloe in IG, when Sasha wears a diadem, if Bruno drinks 100% natural bottled spring water, not even if Luna comments on our TikTok video. We adore our dogs as much as you do. That’s why Dog Bake has created a platform where dog lovers can pamper their dogs the right way with all natural, organic treats made with absolute best for our furry friends. Dog bake was born with a vision to provide the best of freshly baked treats with love for dogs everywhere. Dog bake uses only high quality natural, organic ingredients with no chemicals and artificial preservatives in the dog treats.  We have refined our recipes to taste as good as they look.

Why Dog bake?

Dog bake proudly presents its products made from the best ingredients sourced from the world. We care about your dog’s health and we are committed to deliver premium nutrition which is high quality standard and care. Dog Bake puts tremendous efforts to source ingredients, our meats are sourced from family farms that are antibiotic and growth hormone free and our fruits and veggies are exclusively non-GMO.


Free from antibiotics, filler and growth hormones. Our veggies are non-GMO


Homemade from scratch with love so  you can spoil your dogs in the right way.

Our Core Values


Our ingredients are sourced from high welfare family farms that are antibiotic, growth hormone free and non-GMO.


All operating practices by Dog Bake are consistent with its vision and core values that all animals should be treated with kindness, respect and care. This results in happier and healthier farm animals which in turn leads to higher quality meat for us and our pets.


Our Sea food is sourced in line with our vision and core values.
We employ sustainable practices for fishing which means we have made sure that the fish has lived a natural life and consumed a diet free of antibiotics and artificial feed.

Overfishing is the great threat to our oceans today. 4 out of 10 fish are a bycatch. We’re committed to protecting our oceans and use fishing methods that minimize the bycatch and protect the marine and ocean environment. We have 
catch of the season style fishing based on abundance and availability.


No cages or crates

Pasture raised

Space to roam

No antibiotics, growth hormones

Audited farms

Animals grass fed and raised on pasture never on feedlots


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